How This Unique Marketing Tool Can Boost the Local Awareness of Your Business

Have you ever stopped to consider how many branded cars you see in a day? You may not realize how quickly they can add up. Perhaps when you leave for work in the morning you see a Xfinity van sitting in your neighbor’s driveway. Then while you are on your way to work you see a Coca Cola truck on the highway. At lunch, you decide to grab some food at a nearby fast food restaurant and you see a local radio station van in front of you in the drive-thru line. At the end of the day, you come back home and you see a U-Haul truck pulling up into your neighborhood because someone is moving in. These are just a few examples of the mobile advertising you can encounter in just a day.

More and more business owners are beginning to recognize that using vehicle branding can be very effective. Branded vehicles come in all different shapes and sizes. From a business that uses a shipping van to a real estate agent that uses his/her own compact car. Many business owners of varying sizes cite attention and recognition as the top reason they choose to brand a vehicle. The more unique the car the better. Some business owners have even wrapped their entire RV in order to get the attention of consumers. A vehicle with a unique look can even be given a personality that can be the voice of your brand. You can use your creativity to make your car a local celebrity with the right brand positioning.

Here is an interesting percentage to consider. Were you aware that 60% of consumers prefer to purchase products from a company they’ve heard of than a company they have never heard of before? That is why brand awareness is critical. Using a car, van, or truck that has a vehicle wrap can go a long way to build that familiarity. If you have a regular service route using mobile branding can really assist you with increasing the level at which individuals feel comfortable with you. Imagine you own a plumbing business and a potential customer types “local plumber” into the search bar. Google delivers you as one of the results amongst your competitors. But since that potential customer has seen your vehicle around their neighborhood they will probably be more likely to choose you. Because they feel like on some level they know you already.

Are you convinced that installing a vehicle wrap is a great way to increase the local awareness of your business? If so, please contact an Image Grafix team member today at 713-292-8927 or fill out this free quote request form. We look forward to hearing from you regarding a vehicle wrap or any of the other printing services we offer.

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