How To Make The Right Impression With Your Signage

A recent survey of American consumers found that one of the ways they make a purchasing decision regarding a product or service is based on the signage used by the business. Here are four tips that will help you make the right impression with your business sign.

Make it clearly visible to potential customers. If your signage is not clearly visible you may be losing shoppers. When selecting where to place your sign you should be hyper-aware of your surroundings. The area that you decided to place your sign should be clear of any trees, other signs if possible, and buildings. Your sign should also be large enough to see from a distance. Once you feel you have found the right place for your sign you will need to inspect the location from every vantage point that a customer might have. You may want to also take into consideration the adding of lights or changing the angle, color, or even font to make the sign even more visible.

Think about be simplistic when making your sign. The expression less is more may be a good reference in this situation. If your sign is overcomplicated or difficult to understand it could leave a consumer to view your brand as unlikable and untrustworthy. Instead, you should make your sign easy to read and understand within seconds. This alternative will have people feeling that your brand is truthful and trustworthy. When designing your sign, you should also consider the word count. A general rule is to keep the word count down to about seven to eight characters if possible. Simplicity key: You can always tell your customer more once that enter into your business.

There is more than one way to create and place a sign. That is why it can be important to have a sign that you can move around if necessary. Keep in mind that even if you create a well designed and simple sign you may still need to consider the perceptions of a sign that is on a building versus one that is on the ground. For example, when a passerby views a sign from their right visual field, they have the tendency have a more favorable response to words and not images. But if a person views the sign from their left visual field they will respond more favorably to a sign that uses an image.

It is important to remember that a sign is an important part of your marketing strategy. After all, a sign is one of the first pieces of marketing materials a business creates. If your business undergoes changes it can become necessary for your sign to also evolve. Consumers will remember your sign and in some cases, it can be the reason they enter your business.

We hope you found these signage tips helpful. We found that all of these tips also apply to the service we provide, vehicle wraps. If your signage is done and you are ready to start using mobile-based advertising, you should contact Image Grafix today. You can speak to a member of our team by calling 713-292-8927 or fill out this free quote request form. We look forward to hearing from you regarding a vehicle wrap to get your brand out there!

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