The Benefits of Fleet Advertising

Most small business owners have to find different ways to reach a large audience with their marketing message. However, one option that is overlooked is the method of using a company vehicle to advertise. You can reach a lot of individuals in your service area and beyond by using this form of advertising. When you utilize vehicle advertising your message has the potential to reach a significantly larger amount of potential customers. Of course, there is a cost to using this form of marketing just like any other. In this article, we will review some of the benefits of placing your marketing message on your fleet.

You will increase your reach

A vehicle that carries your marketing materials has the potential to actually reach the highest number of people as compared to other advertising methods. It is quickly becoming a well-known fact that a single vehicle wrap could potentially generate up to 70,000 impressions per day. Even if you are in an area that has a low population you could still reach up to 30,000.

The outdoor billboard is actually not as effective as it once was and that is why more companies are opting for branded vehicles. Mobility is a strong advantage when it comes to advertising in this current market. Being able to catch the eyes of a driver or passenger or a passer-by on the street can be more effective than outdoor advertising. Mobile advertising is harder to ignore and can leave a lasting impression.

Change how you a perceived by customers

Sometimes reaching people is only the beginning of the sales journey. First impressions are important and it is critical that customers have a positive perception of your business when they see your marketing efforts. Negative impressions automatically put you steps behind your competitors. When you choose to advertise using a vehicle there is data that supports this wise decision. People respond favorably to most mobile advertising. According to Airmark, fleet advertising can increase your name recognition up to 15 times more effectively than other forms of marketing. A surprising 98 percent of customers reporting to the American Trucking Association revealed that fleet vehicle wraps created a positive image for the company they represented. In addition, 96 percent stated that fleet graphics had a more positive impact than billboard options. These statistics are very revealing, and go to prove that investing in a vehicle wrap for your fleet of vehicles can really improve your perception.

Lower your advertising investments

No matter what size your business is it is always important to consider the cost of advertising. Well, when it comes to cost you will definitely be thankful that mobile advertising is actually a smart investment. Why is that? Because vehicle wraps are one of the more affordable advertising options available to businesses. Estimates have shown that vehicle wraps cost around 35 cents per thousand impressions. Compare this to the cost of outdoor advertising and you have significant savings in store. In fact, this makes it one of the lowest cost-per-impression marketing products available on the market today.

Get your return on investment

When it comes right down to it, reaching more individuals, increasing the positive perception people have of your business and a lower cost leads to a better ROI for your advertising spend — you will pay less for better results with this type of advertising.

Are you interested in fleet advertising? If so, please contact an Image Grafix team member today at 713-292-8927 or fill out this free quote request form. We look forward to hearing from you regarding a vehicle wrap for your fleet or any of the other printing services we offer.

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