Why A Vehicle or Car Wrap Is a Wise Investment

Have you ever wondered if your business could benefit from the use of a vehicle wrap? Chances are that it may have crossed your mind as you were driving the streets of Houston and saw a car or van fully covered by a local business that was using this type of marketing to advertise their services.

A report distributed by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America stated that more than 95 percent of Americans are reached by marketing efforts targeting vehicle drivers and passengers. Now that you know how effective vehicle or car wraps can be let’s explore this wise investment.

What is a vehicle wrap?

Simply stated a vehicle wrap is a digitally designed and printed mobile billboard that is installed by a member of our Image Grafix team. Typically wraps can cover the entire vehicle or a designated portion of it. You can even choose to cover the windows of the vehicle. At Image Grafix, we can print in full color and pride ourselves in designing unique graphics that make you stand out from your competitors.

Don’t I need to have a large company that has a vehicle fleet to use a wrap?

No. In fact, any local business no matter what size they are can use vehicle advertising. Some of our past and current clients are small business owners feel that utilizing a vehicle wrap is a smart investment because it has the power to increase awareness of their brand and logo on the streets of Houston. When a business of a smaller size uses a vehicle wrap it allows them to have the perception of being much bigger than they actually are at the current time. It shows potential customers or clients that they have the mentality of a franchise or a company that has a fleet of vehicles.

Why should I choose a vehicle wrap over other types of advertising?

The OAAA who we referenced earlier in this article also stated in another report that vehicle wraps and other forms of mobile advertising have the power to be the most effective and efficient out of home advertising strategy. They go on to say that vehicle wraps reach more potential customers and clients at a lower cost per thousand impressions than other advertising methods.

I am interested in a vehicle wrap who do I contact?

Are you convinced that installing a vehicle wrap is a wise investment for your business? If so, please contact an Image Grafix team member today at 713-292-8927 or fill out this free quote request form. We look forward to hearing from you regarding a vehicle wrap or any of the other printing services we offer.

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