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3 Marketing Components That Can Boost Your Business

If you are just getting your business off the ground, you are no doubt familiar with the marketing challenges ahead of you. Some entrepreneurs get overwhelmed by all of the marketing tactics that are available in the market today. However, there are some simple, practical, and necessary marketing materials that are worth investing in. At Image Grafix, we feel that having businesses cards, a company t-shirt, and a car wrap are three materials that can set you apart from your competition while also helping you create awareness for your business. 

Why a business card?

Have you ever met a potential customer and they asked for your business card and you didn’t have one to give to them? Have you ever been attended a networking event, a trade show, or a conference and thought you wouldn’t need business cards? These can be embarrassing and can actually lead to missed opportunities that can hurt your business. Professionally created and printed business cards can help you put your best foot forward. You will want to represent yourself and the business you are a part of in the most professional light possible especially when you are attempting to sell a product or service. An effective business card can call its recipient to action. When an individual has one of your personal business cards, they’re more likely to call you back then if they have just a piece of paper with your name and number on it. Similarly, when you have someone’s business card, you’re more likely to follow-up on your encounter. Don’t be caught without a business card! 

Why a company T-shirt?

Think back to the last time you were in a large public place full of people. Did you notice what everyone was wearing? Do you recall seeing people wearing branded shirts like Hollister, Nike, Oakley, and other top brands? Whether you realized it or not you were being marketed to. This is why you should think about creating a T-shirt for your employees to wear when they are in public or attending a conference or other networking events. Having a company T-shirt has some intangible benefits that you may not realize. First, as we mentioned before, they are basically a walking advertisement for your business. When your logo is prominently featured on a T-shirt many individuals throughout the day will notice it. Second, branded clothing can prompt consumers to want to learn more about your business. A T-shirt can be a great conversation starter that may lead to future buying or business. Third, you can use a T-shirt to find new employees. Sometimes a conversation can lead to finding a new source of talent for your business. Finally, the last reason you should create a branded T-shirt for your business is that it can be cheaper, easier, and more effective than using other marketing tactics.

Why a car wrap?

Business owners can sometimes feel overwhelmed when trying to advertise their business. Advertising expenses tend to be high and you can’t even be sure your marketing message is reaching the right audience. Sometimes with all of the TV commercials, billboards, and magazine ads, we forget that there are other advertising options. You may be surprised to find that these options can in some cases be more effective than traditional advertising methods.  One of these alternatives is vehicle advertising. Have you ever wondered if your business could benefit from the use of a vehicle wrap? Chances are that it may have crossed your mind as you were driving the streets of Houston and saw a car or van fully covered by a local business that was using this type of marketing to advertise their services. Reports have shown that vehicle wraps and other forms of mobile advertising have the power to be the most effective and efficient out of home advertising strategy. They go on to say that vehicle wraps reach more potential customers and clients at a lower cost per thousand impressions than other advertising methods. 

Image Grafix is now offering a business package that includes 500 business cards, 25 t-shirts and a car wrap for as low as $2999. If you are interested please contact us today at 713-292-8927.